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We offer reliable quality and moderately priced translation services for any kind of text. We provide courteous, speedy translation for everything from personal correspondence to business letters and specialized theses.
Our 24,000+ translators, editors, and proof-readers are professionals with the linguistic and cultural acuity to provide the highest quality services in any language. Whether you need translation services for your website, a contract, an advertising campaign, or HR documents, we can help.
Our goal is to give you the quality you need.

Translation Fields
Business, Legal, Medical, Technical, Financial, Website, Tourism, Localization

Cloud-based Translation

b-cause provides cloud-based translation service, Trans-Pro, where you can find the right translators for your needs. As there is no mid-distribution, Trans-Pro is fast and it is easy to find professional translations at competitive price.

We are able to provide high-quality translations around the clock thanks to a community of over 24,000 professional translators from over 160 different countries.


b-cause provides bilingual and multilingual interpreting services for international conferences, events and business meetings.
We make sure that communication is smooth, clear and precise leaving no margin for errors or misinterpretation. Our interpreters are experts in language who interpret with a high degree of professionalism and ethics.

Interpreting Fields
simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, business interpreting, whispering interpreting

Global Recruitment

b-cause specializes in locating, matching, and placing permanent, temporary, and contract bilingual personnel with international companies anywhere in the world.
Thanks to our personal relationships with bilingual and multilingual communities around the world, we have competitive advantage to offer your company the best job applicants.

We would like to establish a relationship with your company and offer you with qualified candidates to enhance your globalization efforts.

Why b-cause

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Tokyo, we have been responsible for professional translation and interpreting services in Japan.
It is through our global network of expert translators, dedicated project managers and professional localization experts that we have been able to provide high quality translation and interpreting services to a long list of satisfied clients worldwide.
Our success in Japan is attributable to our talent, technology and experience that allow us to provide customized services tailored to the needs of each unique client and each unique scenario.
With 169 country network and over 55,000 members, we can manage complex projects and provide superb service to nurture lasting relationships and produce tangible results.

Projects We Have Done

  • Translation Korean English Construction Procedure (Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction, May 2015)
  • Translation + Review Japanese English Voice of Customer (Toshiba Agency Co.,Ltd, April 2015)
  • Localization Korean Chinese Online Game (Lion Games, March 2015)
  • Global Recruitment for overseas marketing jobs (Sony Digital Entertainment, March 2015)
  • Translation Japanese English Gundam Product Specification (C.D United Co., Ltd., February 2015)
  • Localization English 12 languages including German Software Program (Panasonic, October 2014)
  • Translation + Review Korean English Marriage Certificate (Private client, July 2014)
  • Interpreting English Japanese Solutions to Air Pollution (Ministry of the Environment Japan, June 2014)
  • Translation English Korean Travel Guide for Kayseri Turkey (Embassy of Turkey, February 2014)
  • Translation English Korean A guidebook for overseas students in Kyoto (Simul International, February 2014)
  • Translation Japanese English Education and industry in Japanese history (Waseda University, January 2014)
  • Interpreting Japanese English Business Conference (Uniqlo, August 2013)
  • Translation + Review English Spanish Business Contracts (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,. Ltd, August 2012)
  • Translation Japanese English Business strategy for manufacturing industry (Olympus, July 2010)