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Successful communication in international conferences and global business is the key to success.
b-cause's interpreters are fully qualified, accredited, trained and field experienced.
If required, our interpreters can accompany you on your trip abroad.
Our interpreters have cultural knowledge and business manners as well as high level of professionalism, accuracy and reliability.
b-cause provides multilanguage services and our interpreters operate in a variety of languages and have industry specific qualification and training.
Our interpreting services include simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, business interpreting and whispering interpreting.
Simultaneous Interpreting :
Simultaneous interpreting is an interpretation style where they communicate the target language at the same time as the source-language is being spoken. The simultaneous interpreter sits in a booth and uses a transceiver. They usually switch interpreting duties with another interpreter. This type of interpreting is often used at large seminars, international forums, etc. Simultaneous interpreting requires high degree of interpreting skills and practice. B-cause will send the appropriate high-caliber interpreter to suit your language needs.
Whispering Interpreting :
Whispering interpreting is an interpretation style where they communicate the target language at the same time as the source-language is being spoken. Whispering interpreting differ from simultaneous interpreting in that the interpreter is seated or standing among the clients and interprets simultaneously directly into their ear. This type of interpreting is useful for one-to-one or small meetings, seminar, conference, social events and dinners.
Business Interpreting:
Business interpreting is required for all sorts of business related work. Business interpreters need to have strong knowledge on business industry and sector experience.
Consecutive Interpreting:
Consecutive interpretation is the most common interpretation style. Here, each speaker speaks, inserting pauses in their conversation to allow for interpretation. Most meetings, general functions and situations, business discussions, guides, trainings, audits, and so on use consecutive interpretation.

Field of Interpreting

General document, manual, user guides, catalogue, IT, websites, S/W localization, business proposal, legal, patent, medical, civil engineering, machinery, finance, automobile, telecommunication, economy, trade, film, advertisement
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Interpretation Process

1. Request a quote
Request a quote for Korean interpreting service.
Contact us with your needs in as much detail as possible.
2. Free quotation
Our quotation is absolutely free. In general, you should receive your quotation within one hour.
Please provide us with your specific information and requirements for an accurate quote.
3. Order
Once you have confirmed the details of the quotation, you may place an official order with us through fax or email.
4. Interpreter selection
We will select and propose an interpreter that best suits your requests and situation.
Interpreter's career statement is available if required.
Interpreting report is available if required.
5. Pre-consulting
We will confirm the details of the interpretation, the meeting time and place, and whether there is to be a pre-meeting.
6. Interpretation
Our interpreter will be waiting for you on the day at the agreed location and ready for interpretation.
7. Interpreter's report
Additional service such as transportation and accomodation (if necessary) is payable by the client.
8. Invoice
Invoice will be issued.
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