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169 Country Network, over 55,000 Members

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Tokyo, we have been
responsible for professional translation and interpreting services in Japan.
b-cause is proud of its success in Japan whose market is renowned for perfection and high standards as well as its excellent reputation for quality and service.
Our vision is to become the first choice for companies of all sizes who want to reach and communicate within a global market.
With carefully selected team of language professionals, we deliver high quality services in a wide range of languages and specialisms.
We believe in understanding the purpose of what we translate.
The support of our clients is our mission. As mediators between languages and cultures, we make communication possible.

Company Name b-cause Korea,. Inc.
Korea 201-N10 Ace Techno Tower 3cha 38 29-gil Digital-ro Guro-gu Seoul 152-779
Japan The Second Mori Building 4F, Hamamatsucho 2-1-3, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013
CEO Kim Chungu
Phone 82-2-863-4263
Fax 82-2-2109-6372
Services Translation
Cloud-based Translation
Foreign Staffing
Global Recruitment
Market Research
Philosophy A bridge between Korea and the World b-cause Korea aims to contribute to the evolution of global economies by making communication possible and connecting different cultures.
Company Logo
The story of our logo goes back to the former company, Tobiuo International.
Tobiuo in Japanese means flying fish and it signifies our efforts to succeed in overseas market as if tobiuos eager to fly to the sky as a sea creature.
The two ovals leaning towards each other sympbolize T and I from Tobiuo International.
It also means relationship, communication and trust.
Our Mission The company name 'b-cause' derived from 'because'.
When the company was founded in 2003, Japanese was advanced and mature country but there was room for improvement on Japanese perception on foreign people and foreign languages.
b-cause had strong desire to change the perception and bring better understanding to the society.
This is our mission and something we do not want to forget. That is how b-cause became our company name.
Another reason was that the names of our three founding members started with C, O and C.
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201-N10 Ace Techno Tower 3Cha
38 Digital-ro 29-gil Guro-gu Seoul Korea

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