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◆ Have you ever considered hiring foreign staff for your particular business needs?
     B-cause is here to help you.

     I need experienced bilingual staff who has extensive knowledge on my business field.
     I need a Chinese native speaker who only work three days a week.
     I need a translator for two months to produce end-of-year reports.
     I need a Chinese speaking computer programmer with fluent English communication skill.
     I need a colleage graduate who will manage the company's overseas branch.
     I need bilingual staff to manage foreign employees in the company's overseas branch.

◆ Benefits of hiring foreign staff
     1. Foreign staff understand cultural differences and play a role as a liaison.
     2. Speak the language of the country your business is targeting.
     3. Employees from outside of the country can stimulate thinking and introduce more effective ways of doing
         business for an organization.
     4. Foreign workers have skills and talents that help businesses compete in an increasingly global marketplace.
     5. b-cause has 55,813 members registered in our database in 166 countries worldwide.

◆ Worried about foreign staffing?
      b-cause promises you safe and successful recruitment.

     1. I am worried that foreign staff may not work long enough.
     2. Communication may be difficult.
     3. Can I trust your recruiting process including jop posting, document screening and interview?

b-cause Korea has the answer!
Translation Quote
1. I am worried that foreign staff may not work long enough.
According to our survey, 80% of foreign staff want to have long term based job.
Because of visa issue, turnover rate of foreign staff is lower than local employees.
They consider the following the most when it comes to jobs.

① Financial condition ② Vision ③ Working hours ④ Relationship ⑥ Other
2. Communication may be difficult.
Most of registered members biligual.
b-cause provides advice and recommendation for effective communication if necessary and
we continue to support your business needs until you find comfort working with your foreign workers.
3. Can I trust your recruiting process including jop posting, document screening and interview?
We'll use our global network to find talent with thorough knowledge of the local conditions that you need for your global strategy.
We will arrange all the selection and interview processes as well.
Trust b-cause for information on current conditions in countries worldwide.

b-cause Korea's global recruitment service includes the followings.

1. Provide advice and know-how that we have gained in the foreign staffing industry over 15 years.
2. Provide guideline for effective communication skills and solutions for potential issues.
3. Visa related information
4. Strong network and huge pool of foreign job seekers.
Service pricing ⇒ contingency-based
◆ b-cause has over 500,000 registered staff in 166 countries around the world.
We will support the needs of your businesses looking to hire bilingual or multilingual staff.

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