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b-cause is proud of its success in Japan whose market is renowned for perfection and high standards.
Your translation is carried out by professional translators and proofreaders translating into their native language and specialised in the relevant subject-area or technology.
Our highly experienced translators can easily parse the subtle nuances that Korean find difficult. Let b-cause provide you with high quality translation services that suit your needs through translation techniques that produce accurate translations.

Quality Assurance

1. Native speaking translators
2. Specialists across all industries
3. Translator's CV is provided if required.
4. Six months warranty

Professional Translation Service

Business document, manuals, user guide, catalogues, IT, websites, software localization, business proposal, thesis, legal, patent, medical, civil engineering, architecture, machinery, finance, automobile, telecommunication, economy, trade, treatment, marketing, advertisment, subtitle

Translation Process

1. Before quotation
Please provide as much detail as possible on the volume, level of specialization, and other elements of the material.
Please provide us with the end application in order to avoid any trouble after delivery.
(For example, if it will be used for printed material, web data, internal documents, and so on.) Confirm how you would like the translation delivered, file type/version, and so on.
2. Free quotation
Our quotation is absolutely free. In general, you should receive your quotation within one hour.
(Word count may take longer time for large projects.)
3. Order
Once you have confirmed the details of the quotation, you may place an official order with us through fax or email. We will not begin translating until we have received an official order.
4. Translator selection
We will carefully select one of our high-caliber translators from our own database to match the nature of your material.
5. Translation
Your document will be translated by a native speaker in the target language.
*The translation time will vary depending on the volume, level of specialization, and delivery format.
6. B-cause coordinator check
Once translated, our coordinators will rigorously check the translation for missing translation and other errors.
7. Third-party check
The translation is double checked by a third-party. (A separate fee will apply.)
8. Completion
Once the translation is checked by our coordinators or a third-party native speaker, the translation is accurately completed.
9. Delivery
Once checked, the translation will be returned to you by email or post.
10. Invoicing
Once your translation has been returned safely, we will issue an invoice.
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